the one minutes junior workshops
in collaboration with The Sandberg Institute and UNICEF

Facilitator for five-day workshops to teach youth from the ages of 9-20 the concepts behind making their very own one-minute video.

Past workshops:
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2007 Johannesburg, South Africa
2007 Lubumbashi & Kisangani, D.R. Congo
2008 Pittsburgh, PA USA
2009 Dakar, Senegal
2009 Dhaka, Bangladesh
2009 Hanoi, Vietnam
2010 Pittsburgh, PA USA
2011 Antananrivo, Madagascar
2012 Pittsburgh, PA USA
2012 New York, NY USA
2014 Pokhara and Kathmandu, Nepal
2014 Hong Kong

workshop day 1
Day 1: Introducing camera techniques, shooting basics, storyboard and ideas
Day 2: Developing storyboards and ideas – how to express yourself in exactly one-minute
thiena's shoot - on se detent
Day 3: Working in film crews to shoot the videos
setting up the shot
workshop day 3
Day 4: Shooting and editing

Day 5: Editing and final presentation for family, friends, organizations.
workshop day 5: screening

Most photos by Karen Cirillo and Hong-An Truong (Hanoi workshop)

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