Voices of Women Media
2007 Disillusionment: Video art workshop
2009 BLINN: Media education for victims of trafficking
2010 A Day In Her Life: Multimedia workshop for current and former sex workers
2011 Displaced Daughters: Multimedia workshop for teenage girls
2012 A Day In Her Life 2: Multimedia workshop for current and former sex workers
2012 With Love From Taiwan!: Multimedia workshop for foreign spouses in Taipei
2013 Apna Haq: India
2014 A Day In Her Life: Hong Kong

Heidi Murrin/Tribune-Review

The One Minutes Junior workshop with Unicef
2007 Johannesburg, South Africa
2007 Lubumbashi & Kisangani, D.R. Congo
2008 Pittsburgh, PA USA
2009 Dakar, Senegal
2009 Dhaka, Bangladesh
2009 Hanoi, Vietnam
2010 Pittsburgh, PA USA
2010 Training for Trainers, Zoetermeer NL
2011 Antananarivo, Madagascar
2011 Pittsburgh, PA USA
2012 Pittsburgh, PA USA
2012 New York, NY USA
2014 Pokhara & Kathmandu, Nepal
2014 Hong Kong
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Huygens College
Amsterdam to New York 2009
Video artist & teacher
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