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Voices of Women Media featured in the mama cash annual report for 2009.
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“We work with women who have been trafficked and with current and
former sex workers. Some of the women have been trafficked into the
sex industry, and some of them were forced into other kinds of
labour, such as bonded domestic work. Most of the women have
migrated from other countries to the Netherlands.

On one level, we train women who are marginalised in the Netherlands
to tell their stories using powerful media tools such as radio, photo-
graphy, and video. We want to give them the skill and opportunity to
express the complexities of their lives.
But we don’t stop there. Our goal is to use media to create a more
humanised and multi-faceted picture of the sex industry. We want
to show this industry as a complex fabric, composed both of women
workers who are entitled to demand their rights as workers and women
who have been forced into the industry.
Many people looking in from the outside have quite a polarised view.
Women are either victims, or they are making choices. But as in any
other area of life, there are many grey zones. We will create a moving
exhibition that tells the stories of sex workers and trafficked women in
their own voices and images. In the long-term, we want to create an
independent media centre run by and for women from these communities.”

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